Baker Middle School

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Skye Flanagan

Principal, Baker Middle School

Baker School District 5J

(541) 524-2500


It is with great excitement and pride that I get to welcome you to Baker Middle School. Serving Baker City proudly since 1934, Baker Middle School prides itself on providing 7th and 8th grade students a safe, welcoming environment where academic excellence and meeting everyone’s needs are at the core of everything we do.  


At Baker Middle School, relationships are the key to building a community of trust and high standards.  We want to make sure every student feels empowered to learn at the highest level possible, recognizing that those levels are different for each student. We strive to give students as many different opportunities to explore different subject areas as well as a variety of elective options.  


Our staff is committed to teaching with passion and purpose!  We all love teaching kids, and we all love our specialized subject areas.  Passion comes from our specific interests, and we put our hearts and souls into those areas.  We also understand that what we teach has a specific purpose with respect to our obligation to state standards and learning targets.  It is our hope that our purposeful passion reaches as many students as possible and motivates them to be more thoughtful and purposeful in their own endeavors.


We look forward to the many relationships that we will build with students, parents, and community partners here at Baker Middle School.  We look forward to sharing the amazing stories that will inevitably come about as a result of our commitment to meeting all kids at their individual levels in an ever-changing academic environment.  


Please feel free to visit our school any time to help volunteer, to help promote special programs, or to simply visit with me or any of our staff.  I am extremely excited to be a part of your child’s education!


Skye Flanagan